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Big Top Christian Fellowship



On Behalf of Church Under the Big Top, which is a Christ Centered Independent Faith Ministry, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you and your Church for participating in a Church Service Under the Big Top while the Circus is in Town.

 In a very Sovereign and Wonderful way, Church Under the Big Top was formed as a Fellowship of believers Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ in Speer Point near Newcastle on Sunday July 18th 1993 and we are Pentecostal in Experience.

To this we are Committed both in Belief and practice.

Church Under the Big Top Believes in the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and the operation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. We believe in the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit to bring the Church to Maturity as in Ephesians 4: 11-13.

By having Church Under the Big top, We believe that the only Basis for true Christian Fellowship is in His Love, which is greater than any difference we have and without which we cannot call ourselves Christian.

 And by inviting other Denominations, and inviting the Community to Participate you will share with them a tremendous Blessing, as they normally would not attend as does a regular Church. Therefore this could be of great value to them and the Community and a Tremendous Blessing to your Outreach Programme.

It will be a real experience of being part of the Body of Christ, and sharing our abilities in a Co Operative Venture, infused by Spiritual Gifts of love, Faith and Hope, which builds up the whole Christian Community.

It will make us a Real Church Which Exemplifies the Relationships Paul describes in Romans: 12-13 and Corinthians: 12-14. Church Under the Big top Believes in sharing the good news of Eternal Life in Christ with those around us, and welcomes anyone who is open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Fellowship and to enjoy the Blessings of God with us.

 Church Under the Big Top’s running cost is $ 15,600 per year, which includes phone accounts, stationary, generator cost plus truck registration, and caravan’s registration and insurance etc.

 To continue the Evangelistic Programme of Church Under the Big Top we ask that there be a Special Love Offerings taken separate from your regular Tithes and Offerings as we do not wish to interfere with your regular financial income, but as you can understand we trust in God being a Faith Ministry to supply our needs to fulfill our commitments.

Yours in Christ

Rev. Barry K. Fletcher

15 Holly Avenue
Dandenong North
Vic 3175

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