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Rev Barry Fletcher

As you and your Church have just experienced the potential of having a Church Service Under the Big Top

As you and your Church have just experienced the potential of having a Church Service Under the Big Top and found what a tremendous impact that it could impart to your Community. I therefore find myself writing to you and your Church to see if you would stand by us in our venture of faith and make a pledge of support to enable us to continue the work that God has placed Helen and me in spreading the Gospel to those Circus and Showman and their families throughout Australia and New Zealand.

By the end of the year 2002 we urgently needed to replace our Truck and Caravan and obtain a new Office, which are starting to get a little beyond repair. We also need to purchase our own Amplifier, Mixer and Multi Core, Microphones, Photocopier, Over Head Projector and Screen, we also need to purchase our own Keyboard and a 8 KVA Generator and Computer to enable us to keep up to the date with the times which will also help us to organize our own printing. But all this cost money and the way our funds are depleted we cannot achieve any of this without the body of Christ from all Denominations to enable us to achieve all this and more for the Kingdom of God.

To enable us to achieve our Goal we urgently need 200 people to take a step of Faith to achieve the above. By pledging $ 20 per month which would give us a Monthly total of $ 4000 and a total of $ 48.000 a year which would help us to further our Ministry and also give me a small salary for 2 years which we desperately need at this present time. I understand that what I am asking is a big asking and that sounds a lot of money but for the past 13 years we have just only started to break the ice, but we need to a really have a big impact.

I realize that you as a Church may have your Missions to support but Helen and I both felt that as we are in God and that we just have to obey God and write this letter and I Praise God for that and placing Helen and I in a Tremendous Faith Ministry such as this.


Yours in Christ


Rev. Barry K. Fletcher

Circus and Outdoor Showman

Chaplain of Australia

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